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Adonis Alcici

FUCHS sweatshirt

FUCHS sweatshirt

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FUCHS SWEATSHIRT with hood, kangaroo pocket and exclusive print.

This stylish jacket carries the story of one of the most iconic wheels in the history of the automotive world: THE FUCHS! There are several reasons why the Fuchs wheel became a legend. The most important factor is design. In 1966, the aluminum wheel made its world debut. Just like the Porsche 911 S.

The print was created and developed by hand by artist and designer Adonis Alcici. The deconstructed style demonstrates his vision in simplified Fuchs wheel shapes.


Men's jacket
Black color
Hooded collar
Fitted cuff sleeve
Kangaroo pocket
Adjusted bar
Brand: Adonis Alcici
Fabric: 3-Cable Fleece Sweatshirt
Composition: 50% cotton 50% polyester

Fleece is a great option for winter, it is made of synthetic materials and its main objective is to maintain body temperature.


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